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General Counsel Services

Finally, any business can now afford General Counsel Services. Our General Counsel on Demand program provides legal services to serve as your General Counsel when you need it. Our General Counsel on Demand program provides an affordable and predictable flat fee to provide in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house General Counsel or hiring an extremely expensive law firm.

Problem: Your growing business has ongoing legal needs and demands for General Counsel Services. For example, your legal needs may include trademark issues; contracts to draft, negotiate, and review; employment matters; corporate upkeep and board minutes; negotiation with vendors and customers to avoid disputes; tweaking your privacy policy of terms and conditions; researching legal questions. We could add more and you get the point. Hiring a full-time General Counsel (In-House Attorney) commands a six-figure salary, benefits, retirement, etc. This all adds up and get very expensive very fast! Being a start-up company, smaller company, or even a larger company trying to cut overhead you’re looking to be fiscally responsible!

Solution: General Counsel on Demand program. General Counsel on Demand program enables us to serve as your part-time, outside General Counsel. You pay a monthly flat fee based upon your estimated legal need and you get unlimited access. We become your General Counsel and become fully integrated in your business as a member of your team.

We also provide solutions for companies with legal departments. We provide access to experienced corporate counsel who server as your General Counsel on Demand. The great thing about General Counsel on Demand is our experienced General Counsel Attorneys work on monthly flat-fee retainers, with no long term retainer contracts, and we eliminate costly and expensive hourly fees, which can skyrocket to astronomical rates. General Counsel on Demand solves your problem and allows you to maximize your budget, be fiscally responsible, and scale up or down your legal department based on your monthly legal requirements.

Sample General Counsel on Demand Services:

  • Form and maintain business entities (LLCs, corporations, and partnerships)
  • Create and update bylaws, shareholder agreements, and operating agreements
  • Draft, negotiate, and review all types of contracts and agreements
  • Draft, negotiate, and review licensing deals
  • Draft, negotiate, and review leases and real estate documents
  • Protect trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Advise on employment law
  • Send and respond to cease and desist letters
  • Advise and maintain regulatory and corporate compliance
  • Create and update Terms of Service, EULAs, and Privacy Policies
  • Respond to customer and vendor complaints
  • Training
  • Legal Webinars on various topics as requested

General Counsel Services Pricing

*USPTO Fees not included

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